Even though in the U.S. alone over 25 million people are living with diabetes, there is still some debate about insulin pens and why they should be used.

What is Insulin pens and how to use them – Using the Insulin pen will allow for the patient insert insulin directly into the bloodstream. The insulin pen comprises of the cartridge, needle and dial. Most of the parts entirely replaceable.

Types of Insulin Pens – In this area I can personally understand why most diabetics will get a little confused. Most of the insulin pens do look similar on sight, but upon closer review, the differences are apparent. Most type 2 diabetics use pre-filled pens. The main reason for this is because these pens have been mixed already. Also the cartridge needs to be replaced. The only drawback about using pre-filled pens is that you have to adjust your eating habits accordingly. Not doing this can cause problems. The durable pens contain cartridges that are easily replaceable once all of the insulin has been used up. The cartridge can be replaced very easily.

Now in recent years manufacturers have been making insulin pens that come with a built-in memory. That is great for storing the time, date, etc. This is excellent for patients to keep track of their activities.

One of the best things about using insulin pens is how easy they are to use. You just have to know the place you want to inject the insulin. Always make sure the spot on your body is not swollen, clapped, bruised, etc.

Before use of the insulin pen, use the cotton balls with alcohol to clean the area on your body. Take the cap off and make sure you check the insulin amount. Roll the pen if it looks cloudy. When done, clean the end when used afterwards.

Insert the disposable needle and set it in place. Make sure there are no air pockets. Hold pen upwards and push the end of the pens until you get a drop or two. Repeat the process if needed. This should clear all air pockets.

When ready to inject, hold the place you want to inject. Insert the needle and push the needle down on the skin. When the insulin has been fully injected, take time to massage the area if needed. Remove the pen. Once removed put the cap back on the insulin pen. Repeat this process when needed.

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